Sunday, August 01, 2021

August Goals

 I have attempted to create a new stitching plan for August; the last few months I have been stitching without a plan and it has not worked in my favour; I have been so unfocused.

For August:

Before work: Tour des marques

Lunch time: Serenity prayer

Saturday: Long Dog day - for at least a little a Long Dog Sampler project: Jardin de Plaisir or Krozwyrd

Sunday: Ink Circles day - for at least a little a Ink Circle project: Henna mandala or Castle walls

Other days: Plum pudding

The Wave

Christmas row (Bent Creek)

Also, for my birthday I am starting a new project: White griffin

I also want to catch up on blog posts and I have a list of things to improve the stash zone as well as a general cleanup of the area.

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Cathy said...

Looking forward to seeing your progress on White Griffin. I like to stick to my rotation so that I can see progress. Good luck with your August plans