Saturday, June 02, 2018

June Goals

Ah June

The sun is now out when I go to work in the mornings, sandals are out, summer vacation is so close one can almost taste it, the tulips have bloomed here in the Nation's capital for the big festival and it's the half way point of the year (gulp)

May Goals

Finish Touching the Autumn Sky oh ya!!! Party at my house (well there would have been if it hadn't been past my bedtime when I finished beading)

Stitch an ornament and/or Finish Just Nan bunny  I am counting the bunny as the ornament - which I finished 

Work on Tour Yes, there is now even some next to impossible to see backstitching done

Ink Circles Monday Not every week

June Goals

Stitch an ornament

Stitch Just Nan Barnabee in bloom

Work on Tour

Work on SP

Ink Circles Monday (Blackstone Fantasy Garden)

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