Monday, February 12, 2018

Five short years later

Before going to post this I decided to check the blog to see when the last time I had worked on this project.. and it was February 2013.  Glup

This weekend I finally got out Tour des Marques to work on. I had pulled out the fabric and chart late last year, but hadn't managed to get myself organized until now.  It has been so long since I worked on it I am not sure where the threads are... luckily I had full sets of DMC and Anchor and have been working out of the boxes.

Saturday morning... before

Sunday night

It seems like so little progress - I am trying to remember that it always looks small when stitching over one... and also- it's a lot more than I have done in the last five years.

If things go to plan this will be worked on again later this month.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

It's about time

Finally - a blog post!

Not only a blog post but also I managed to finish something - well two somethings.

Heart decoration
Michael Powell
From: Christmas cross stitch (ISBN 9781782215097
Stitched on 32 count white lugana with Anchor threads and Rainbow Gallery Treasure Braid

Gingerbread mouse
Just Nan
Special edition ornament kit
32 count raw Belfast with DMC threads

Thursday, February 01, 2018

February Goals

January has gone by much too quickly.

I didn't get as much done as a I was hoping to, but it's a new month so time to try again.

January Goals

Stitch a Just Nan animal ornament - it's almost done.  It stole my stitching bug before I finished
Stitch an ornament - yes
Start Dragons of Sumatra Yes, and as a side note am very happy with how the fabric and thread choice are working out
Work on Plum pudding Yes
Work on Touching the autumn sky Didn't happen
Do Ink Circles Monday Yes

February Goals

Before setting February goals, first I got out the project pages for January to March and randomly selected two new projects.  

Finish January's Just Nan animal ornament
Stitch an ornament
Work on Plum Pudding
Work on Fantasy Triptych
Ink Circles Monday 

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

A very good time

This past weekend I was off enjoying stitching retreat.  Three days of stitching and eating.... perfect winter event.  But it meant that I was busy in the days leading up to going, including putting together goodie "bags"

This time it was a snag nab it, bees wax, a 20 yard skein of Threadworx, a lindt ball, an animal eraser and for a bit of silly a pillow emoji keychain all in a snap lid box.

 I worked on two projects

Plum Pudding and

Dragons of Sumatra, I actually also did a little bit for Ink Circles Monday as well.  I have the start of dragons now

Now it is back to catching up on things and hoping for better weather.

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Ink Circles Monday Report: Dragons

I realized this evening that I forgot to post the start of Dragons of Sumatra (Ink Circles) last week.  I had a cold so I didn't get much done.

So tonight is a two for one

Week one (a start!)

And Week two

Monday, January 01, 2018

January Goals and 2018 Preview

Welcome to 2018!

December 2017 Goals

Finish cougar kitten Yes

Work on Blackstone Fantasy Garden I had to frog - I was out by a thread, not a stitch a thread

Stitch an ornament Yes

Finishing on ornaments Yes

Make a January-March stitching plan

2018 Projects

January 1 there is a group Stitch Along start of Dragons of Sumatra by Ink Circles.  Right now that is my new project planned for this year.

I have many projects that are on the go:

Plum pudding
Canada sampler
Fantasy triptych 
Touching the autumn sky
Tour des marques (my oldest projects started way back in 2006)
Blackstone fantasy garden
Winter tree silhouette
Forest walk
Seasonal mandalas (summer is a quarter done)
Serenity prayer
My day complete

Also this year I want to do some of the Just Nan limited edition animal ornaments.  I believe there are 18 of them, I have three stitched.  

I made a list of all my projects and then couldn't decide what I wanted to work/focus on.  I decided to focus on selecting projects for January to March.

To do this I wrote each project on a piece paper, made a grid on my desk and then made Bonnie pick three numbers.  For a fourth I had my boss pick a number (she tells me what to do all the time anyways lol)

The projects selected:

Touching the autumn sky
Plum pudding
Canada Sampler
Fantasy triptych

For January I then turned the papers back over and randomly picked two

Which brings us to: 

January Goals

Stitch a Just Nan animal ornament
Stitch an ornament
Start Dragons of Sumatra
Work on Plum pudding
Work on Touching the autumn sky
Do Ink Circles Monday
Work on 

I organized all the Just Nan's into a box, and have most of the thread and fabric ready to go.  

I also changed the chair side cubes, I was finding the bins weren't working very well

And now it's stitching time!

Sunday, December 31, 2017

State of the Stitching : 2017 edition

It seems like I just sat down to review the stitching progress of 2016, but here it is time to review the projects of 2017. 

This year has been ... not normal.  I started the year focusing on finishing Fortunate traveller and then decided to try a rotation as well has having reduced vision for several weeks while my right eye healed.  

The Finishes:

5 Red thread motifs (Rosewood manor)

Fortunate traveller (Teresa Wentzler)
Island geese (X's and Oh's)
Bees knees (Ink Circles)
Merry ho ho (Lizzie Kate)

Cougar kitten (The Stitching Studio)
French country reindeer ornament (JBW)
Sweet home (Nikkipattern)
A couple of ornaments

Wow - this looks like a sad amount of stitching.

I did make progress on others: Canada Sampler, Plum Pudding, Touching the autumn sky, Blackstone fantasy garden and I started a second Serenity prayer

The stash zone looks and works so much better after an update as well.

I have plans for next year, so stay tuned for those.