Sunday, April 15, 2018

There's hands!

Here we are the middle of April, not that you would know that here in Ottawa by the weather - it is snowing, with ice pellets and freezing rain expected later today. I guess I will have to stay in and stitch all day.

I have managed some progress on two projects since last blog

Tour - I have been trying to fill in all the missing stitches, which is slow and annoying when stitching over one but progress was made

And I have been working on Touching the Autumn Sky. she now has hands and a coat... and a variety of colours that don't always make sense

Some of my stitching friends seem to think that I should focus stitch and get her done.. but I am on the fence.  

Thursday, April 05, 2018

Skirt of many colours

I have been working on Touching the autumn sky, specifically the many coloured skirt area.  I keep thinking about the Dolly Parton song Coat of many colours when I work on this.

I have made some noticeable progress I think.

September 2017 - last update

Sunday afternoon 

Wednesday, April 04, 2018

April Goals

I have struggled a bit to decide what to do with goals for April.  My project list for the first quarter of the year is now done, and I have been trying to decide if I want to re-select focus projects or play it by ear.

For April I decided to randomly pick something while I decide how to refocus.

March Goals

Stitch an ornament Nope

Work on Tour Yes, much done

Work on SP2 Yes, a little

Work on Touching the autumn sky Yes, update coming soon

Ink Circles Monday Yes and no

April Goals

Stitch an ornament
Work on Tour
Work on Touch the autumn sky
Ink Circles Monday

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

It's supposed to be spring

Spring has arrived!

Not that you can tell  given how cold it still is out.

This past weekend was March Retreat.  Too much food, many giggles and staying up way past my bedtime.

I made some progress on Tour des Marques

There were goodie bags - with needle minder, rare earth magnets, a scissor fob made by yours truly and a little plastic frog to keep the stitching ones at bay.

There were a few finishes on display this weekend

Thursday, March 01, 2018

March Goals

I have been struggling with the goals for March.  My challenge has been if to change the rotation idea or not, my stitching bug has not been playing along recently ... decisions decisions

February Goals

Finish January's Just Nan animal ornament Yes
Stitch an ornament Yes
Work on Plum Pudding Nope
Work on Fantasy Triptych Nope
Ink Circles Monday Yes, although there was a frog

March Goals

Stitch an ornament
Work on Tour
Work on SP2
Work on Touching the autumn sky
Ink Circles Monday

Monday, February 26, 2018

Tower building

I've made some more progress on Tour des marques.  It's slow going, but I managed to find an area with a few chunks of the same colour

Monday, February 12, 2018

Five short years later

Before going to post this I decided to check the blog to see when the last time I had worked on this project.. and it was February 2013.  Glup

This weekend I finally got out Tour des Marques to work on. I had pulled out the fabric and chart late last year, but hadn't managed to get myself organized until now.  It has been so long since I worked on it I am not sure where the threads are... luckily I had full sets of DMC and Anchor and have been working out of the boxes.

Saturday morning... before

Sunday night

It seems like so little progress - I am trying to remember that it always looks small when stitching over one... and also- it's a lot more than I have done in the last five years.

If things go to plan this will be worked on again later this month.