Sunday, January 12, 2020

The bottom quarter

I have made some fairly good progress on Autumn reflections this month: I have filled in about a quarter of the pattern.  It's starting to look like something besides a brown blob

I have also been making positive steps in the stash zone, although I have developed a plan that is going to require that I move three of my four kallax shelves.  But it's going to be so good once it's done that I don't care :)

I have been sourcing and picking up some needed supplies as well so later this month big things are going to happen.  So excited

Wednesday, January 01, 2020

January Goals

Part of the new year is getting the stitching back on track which means setting goals. 

One thing about the goals -- they are more like objectives: projects to make a little progress on; any is fine.  They tend to be pretty open.  The idea is give some focus but not to put pressure on the stitching - it is a hobby and supposed to be a stress release not add to it.

Something that I want to work on this month that is not a stitching project is some changes and clean up in the stash area; I want to change out one of the storage units and do some rearranging and putting away.  I've been working on a plan and picking up some needed supplies to make it happen

January Goals

Start January SAL - Let it snow
Stitch an ornament
Work on Serenity prayer
Work on Autumn reflections

Everythig new

Welcome to a new year, a new decade, a new stitching project and a new year SAL

This morning I took some update pictures of my recent progress on the projects I have been working on recently

Serenity Prayer (My Big Toe Designs)

Autumn reflections (Heritage Stitchcraft - John Clayton)

On Boxing Day I started a new project - Castle Walls by Ink Circles

This morning I start this year's SAL - Let it snow by Barbara Ana Designs

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Sometimes too much is a bad thing

I have decided that I have too many projects on the go; there are so many choices that I can't decide which ones to work on.  So I made a short list of ones I will work on until I finally see some finished:

 Serenity Prayer version 2 - My Big Toes Designs

Autumn reflections - John Clayton/Heritage Stitchcraft

Tour des Marques - The Silver Lining

Plum pudding - Glendon Place

Blackstone fantasy garden - Ink Circles

Tuesday, October 01, 2019

October Goals

It's been a long, long time.

I have been wanting to get back to blogging but doing a major update post or posts has been holding me back.  So instead I have decided to skip updating -- consider this a time jump (sorry! I will try and do a before/after as I work on things)

For now let's get back to setting monthly goals.

The thing to remember about these goals is basically I use them for a focus when I am sitting in my stitching chair and can't decide what the heck I should be doing.

October Goals

Stitch AND finish an ornament
Work on Serenity Prayer
Work on Autumn reflections
Ink Circles Monday

Sunday, March 03, 2019

February recap

I had planned to do some update blog posts during the month but those didn't happen.  Instead I give you the February Stitching In One Shot post

A finish!  

Dark Shards
Ink Circles
32 ct. Antique white

DMC threads

An ornament

Scissortail Designs
DMC threads

Progress on Plum Pudding

Serenity prayer - the words on the first page are almost done

And finally I did a little filling in of the border on Blackstone fantasy garden

March Goals

Yes!  February is over :)  It has been a very long, cold snowy February in Ottawa, that seemed to last longer than normal.  It is always nice to see the calendar turn and spring that much closer.

February turned busy at work with a few small projects that need to be finished for the end of March and the decision to move my office.  I am still at the same building, but now I am on a different floor; this has meant that I had to clean out my old office and organize for a small and more visual space - more people can see it so I have to keep it clean (eek)

So what did all that mean for stitching?

February Goals

Stitch an ornament Yes
Choose, kit and ready a selection of ornaments No
Stitch Honey bunny (Just Nan) No
Work on Tour No
Work on Dark shards Yes - finished
Work on Plum pudding Yes

March Goals

Stitch an ornament
Stitch Honey bunny
Choose, kit and ready a selection of ornaments
Work on Plum pudding
Ink Circles Monday

Friday, February 01, 2019

February Goals

January Goals

Stitch an ornament No
Stitch Barnabee in bloom (Just Nan) Yes
Start Shakespeare's fairies Yes
Work on Dark shards Yes
Work on Tour No 

February Goals

Stitch an ornament
Choose, kit and ready a selection of ornaments
Stitch Honey bunny (Just Nan)
Work on Tour
Work on Dark shards
Work on Plum pudding

Stash zone improvements and reorganization