Saturday, September 01, 2018

September Goals

It's that time again.... Goal time!!!  I don't understand how it can be a new month already but here we are

August Goals
Stitch an ornament Yes
Finish mystery project Yes - surprise Lianne
Work on Blackstone Fantasy Garden Yes
Work on SP Yes

Stash zone - hopefully finish Um, nope.  I did get the new shelves for the dvds assembled, installed and the dvds all arranged in alphabetical order.  I did get a bunch done on the zone but it's not finished yet

September Goals

Stitch an ornament
Work on SP
Work on Tour
Work on Plum pudding
Finish current motif on Canada Sampler

As part of the stash zone upgrade I set up a chalk board to display the monthly goals - maybe this way I will remember what they are?

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Hearts Aflutter

In July I got to thinking.... wouldn't it be cool for there to a finished 1897 Schoolhouse Sampler's project on the brag wall at the Knowledge and Needles Open House in August as a surprise for the designer who would also be there?

So an evil plot was born.... and I dragged Bonnie along too

And I managed to finish with a week to spare.

Hearts Aflutter
32 count Cream lugana
GAST threads

All the pretties

August has been super busy.

It started with a family lunch, then my birthday, the Knowledge and Needles Open House and a stash zone still waiting to be finished.

Also - my boss was away most of the month so work was busier than normal.  

Needless to say, blogging hasn't been the highest on my to do list.

But I have some progress pictures to share.

First: so of the glorious stitching on display at the Knowledge and Needles Open House.  I keep waiting for Ann to include drool bibs.

On my way to the Open House I picked up Teresa Wentzler's The Castle from the framers.  This guy is all mine

I have managed a little stitching progress

Blackstone fantasy garden

Canada sampler

Serenity prayer

Friday, August 03, 2018

August Goals

Hot and busy: that is the best way to sum up life the last few weeks.  Wednesday there was  a tornado warning - not normal for Canada's capital.

July Goals

Stitch an ornament Yes
Finish Barnabee I pack him to move stuff - he is still MIA
Finish wedding piece  Needs names and framing
Work on Tour No
Work on SP Yes
Work on Canada Sampler No
Ink Circles Monday No

I did start a mystery project, it is about half done.  The genealogy book is also complete; it took much longer than I had thought.

August Goals

Stitch an ornament
Finish mystery project
Work on Blackstone Fantasy Garden
Work on SP

Stash zone - hopefully finish

Also this month: my ten year anniversary gerber daisy turns ten!  And it is still alive 

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Playing catch up

It has been so busy this month.

The was a death in the family at the beginning of the month and then an unexpected reunion just last week.  I have also been working on finishing up a presentation of the family genealogy which is almost done.

On the 12th Dani and I travelled to Toronto to see the Foo Fighters.  It was an excellent show and we managed to not get lost on the subway.

 I have made only a little progress on the new stash area.  The main parts are in place, I am attempting to make the best use of space.

I have been working on a wedding piece for one of my cousin's.  It was a Dimensions kit but I have changed the colours

I have managed to do a little on Dragons of Sumatra

Serenity Prayer finally got a few stitches - I am trying out 712 for the flowers for this one.

I am also working on a secret project... it has progressed well this weekend

Monday, July 02, 2018

July Goals

It has turned very, very hot here in the nation's capital.  Like I don't want to go outside hot; this morning when I woke up it was already a humidex of 33 degrees Celsius or about 91 - that was just before 6.  I don't think I am going out today.

June turned out to be a horrible month for stitching.  I have been working on the paternal side of my family tree for many years and decided it was time to share with the extended family.  So, I spent a lot of time in June getting the information in presentation format, selecting photos and assorted other tasks.  The good news is that everything is almost complete: I am just waiting on a few more pictures.  The bad news is that it used almost all my stitching time.

June Goals

Stitch an ornament No

Stitch Just Nan Barnabee in bloom I started it; but still not finished

Work on Tour No

Work on SP Yes

Ink Circles Monday (Blackstone Fantasy Garden) Once

July Goals

Stitch an ornament
Finish Barnabee
Finish wedding piece
Work on Tour
Work on SP
Work on Canada Sampler
Ink Circles Monday

I also am in the process of making some changes to the stash area... one of the largest changes is that I have moved it....  I have made such a mess

Canada Sampler last seen November 2017

Saturday, June 02, 2018

June Goals

Ah June

The sun is now out when I go to work in the mornings, sandals are out, summer vacation is so close one can almost taste it, the tulips have bloomed here in the Nation's capital for the big festival and it's the half way point of the year (gulp)

May Goals

Finish Touching the Autumn Sky oh ya!!! Party at my house (well there would have been if it hadn't been past my bedtime when I finished beading)

Stitch an ornament and/or Finish Just Nan bunny  I am counting the bunny as the ornament - which I finished 

Work on Tour Yes, there is now even some next to impossible to see backstitching done

Ink Circles Monday Not every week

June Goals

Stitch an ornament

Stitch Just Nan Barnabee in bloom

Work on Tour

Work on SP

Ink Circles Monday (Blackstone Fantasy Garden)

Friday, June 01, 2018

In the merry, merry month of May

Here we are in June and I didn't get a last post done in May to show off all the stitching progress I made.

So to start off June here is what happened in May since last time

I finished Lorelei Lamb by Just Nan

I did this one on 32 count lugana instead of linen

I managed to finish frogging Blackstone Fantasy Garden by Ink Circles and then made some good progress on the green border

I did a little on Tour - which is so hard to see over one on 25 count

And I did a little bit on Serenity Prayer version 2

I am also having a debate on this one - the pattern is actually two colours - there are some flowers coming up and I am trying to decide if I should do the piece all in one colour or use B5000 (bright white) for the flowers.... must decide soon

I also did some work on my genealogy project which took much longer than I was thinking it would.  I made some really good progress though, although having ancestors with super common names is so frustrating.