Friday, September 09, 2016

Here a stitch, There a stitch

I had such a fun day at work today.  For those of you who don't know I work in a library, the technical side not the side that deals with "clients".  Today I got to do one of those things that is listed under "other assigned duties".... and it involved a hammer.

Oh yes, I was told to hit things.  

One of our book trucks lost a wheel.  How my co-worker managed this I did not ask.  But as I control the tool box I got to fix it.  I got it out of book truck time out, flipped it over and put the wheel back in.  It was fun.  Then I had to do real work which wasn't as fun.  

And now for stitching.

I thought I would post an update of Fortunate traveller.  I am hoping to spend at least part of the weekend working on the scene.  Right now I am doing a lot of confetti stitches: a stitch, change colour, another stitch.  

Thursday, September 08, 2016

September Goal

The word of the day is: HOT

It was hot when I went to work and on the way home it was hot and muggy.  All the rain we had today has made it worse  It seems there should be a break to more normal temperatures next week.

I have neglected posting this month's goals. Mostly due to the fact I was having a hard time deciding what I wanted to put.

 August Goals

Finish the left hand side of Fortunate traveller   No, but lots of progress
Stitch an ornament Nope

September Goals

Finish Fortunate traveller

Yup, that's it - I might be crazy but figured - go big or go home.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Mind the puddle

It's a good thing I was home this Saturday.  I went to go into the bathroom and the rug went squish. Bleep. 

Frantic searching.

Oh, the water line is leaking.  Bleep again

Turn water shut off

Call building maintenance.

New supply line - all fixed 

So - after all that fun I thought I should stitch and relax.

Here is the progress on Fortunate traveller - actually I will post the last picture too.

July 25


Tuesday, August 02, 2016

August Goals

Hello August!

Is it me or was July really short?

August is looking pretty busy; I"m considering becoming a hermit to be home more and stitch

July Goals

Work on Fortunate traveller - finish border

Yes indeed!  But not the backstitching

Work on Tree


Stitch an ornament

Yes - I finished a Snowflake by ScissorTail Designs
Work on stash zone and inventory

Progress was made but not completed

August Goals

Finish the left hand side of Fortunate traveller

Stitch an ornament


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Boxed in

Here a box
There a box
Boxes everywhere!

I have made some really good progress on Fortunate traveller - despite the complaining that Dani is doing on how long it is taking.

I have finished all the ivy and flowers on the border, and added the inner borders.  I will be doing the back-stitching as I go.

I have moved on to the title section and am still debating what part is next...

Monday, July 04, 2016

Make it epic

I was told that this post should be epic.... 

I don't know why - it's only the 1000th post to the blog. 

I declare this post to be epic just because it is number 1000 - and I have posted twice this month :P

I have stitching progress to share... 

A finish

Oakley Owlet 
Just Nan
Limited edition ornament
32 ct linen
DMC threads

A tree

Winter tree silhouette  

A bee

Bees knees - Ink Circles

A journey

Fortunate traveller - Teresa Wentzler

I am oh so close to being all the way around - it's my goal to finish the ivy this week

Epic Post 1000 - out

Sunday, July 03, 2016

July Goals

Welcome to summer!

I was meant to blog yesterday but got side-tracked with stitching.  Which I guess is a good thing?

June Goals

Work on Fortunate traveller

Yes, I have been making progress on the border
Work on Tree

Yes, I finished the first page and started going down
Stitch an ornament

Stitched a Just Nan limited edition ornament critter - Oakley Owlet to be specific
Work on stash zone and inventory

Yes. Biggest progress was that I got all my finishing fabric washed, ironed and put away.  Doing this resulted in changes to set-up which means two steps forward and one step back.

July Goals

I've been having a tough time with this - I can't make up my mind.  July looks like it will be busy so I want to be realistic but at the same time I'm thinking- oh I can get loads done.  

Work on Fortunate traveller - finish border

Work on Tree

Stitch an ornament

Work on stash zone and inventory