Wednesday, January 04, 2017

The Best Laid Plans

A friend and I were chatting today and she mentioned she had set goals for the year.. reading, sewing, knitting, stitching and other. 

Then we talked about how there's not enough time to get everything done.  

This has got me thinking about what projects I would like to get finished (or a good chunk done).  There are so many that it is hard to pick.

Fortunate traveller which is getting close. Hopefully no later than April as we are starting another TW SAL (Fantasy triptych) on May 1

Cougar kitten mostly because it will be a retirement gift and I don't want to have to rush it

Bees knees it's almost a quarter done

Canada sampler 

If I can make some good progress on Tour des marques that would be great - it's my oldest project that isn't finished yet.  I do need to either find where I put the threads or re-kit it.  

Of course this is subject to change; but I think it will at least be a good place to start the year.  

I would also like to blog more often.  

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