Sunday, January 08, 2017

A mile of back-stitching

At long last stitching progress!

On January 1st when I got up I started Canada Sampler by Stitchrovia. I only did a bit before going back to Fortunate traveler.  I am hoping to get some more stitching on it later this month.

There has been much progress on Fortunate traveler!  

First, the verse is finished - after having to frog the bunny and two lines.  I was out by a thread.  

Then I started on the top left of the dragon scene and started filling in any missed stitches and added the back-stitching.  Lots and lots of back-stitching.  I still have to finish the dragon's eye, but will do that once the rest is complete.

As of this afternoon (and the taking of the progress picture) I have five of six pages done, there is a little left on page five where I want to complete page six to make the back-stitching easier.  

Once the dragon scene is complete I still need to do Stretch the dragon, finish back-stitching the border, add eyelets and lazy daisy and then bead. 

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Justine said...

Ooh the end is in sight! Such a beautiful piece. I'm cheering you on!