Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Thanks Kathy

Labour Day Weekend

The last long weekend of summer and the signal school is about to start again.

What better way to spend it but stitching with friends?

Dani and I headed off to Kathy's on Friday afternoon and stayed until Monday. It was a great time of laughing, food, stitching and planning next projects. Sadly I wasn't organized enough to take pictures but Dani has some on her blog.

I managed to make some progress on Forest Walk and Cirque des cercles but again no new pictures. I'll try and post progress shots this weekend.

I'm very, very busy at work this week as we move. My office moved today (11 big bins plus about twenty boxes of supplies I need to find new homes for). When I left I had unloaded all but one bin - and the desk is a mess. The collection starts moving tomorrow - we should be done sometime next week. I need a nap.

Thanks for a great weekend Kathy :)

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Bonnie Brown said...

It was great seeing you on the weekend!