Monday, August 27, 2012

Eat, Stitch, Laugh

This weekend was the Annual Knowledge and Needles Open House/ Stitching Day.

Friday morning Dani and headed to Brighton to spend the weekend stitching, eat and stitching.  It was lovely seeing everyone and having a chance to relax. 

Saturday (the actually Stitching Day), was filled with lots of laughter, food, stitching, some shopping and more then a little enabling.  We had a crowd of about 35 come and go through the day and I'm pretty sure everyone had a good time.

I didn't take any pictures of stitchers but did get some pictures of the amazing finished projects that were on display. 

I picked up a little stash while there - I wanted to pick up a few pieces of standard fabrics, and then a few things jumped in my basket. 

My birthday present from Dani and her other half had also arrived so I got that too (I'm so spoiled).  In case you can't tell it's Plum Pudding from Glendon Place and the specialty fibres and beads.  I have the fabric on order - in fact it should be here shortly.

I got some stitching done:

I pulled out Cirque des Cercles (Ink Circles):

and Olive for some more green and brown blob work:

The next couple of weeks are going to be very crazy at work, we are moving our offices on the 5th and then the collection.  I expect that there won't be a blog post until after that as I work on getting everything ready and then organize my new office.


Kathy A. said...

It was an awesome weekend wasn't it.
Enjoyed spending time together!

Lynn said...

I'm really sorry I missed all the fun. I'm glad you had such a great time. All the stitching looks amazing!
I love all the items that happened to "jump" in your basket!
Your WIP look great.

Lianne said...

I wish I could have been there,, sniff, sniff,, but it sounds and looks like a fab time was had by all.

Lovely stash!

Best of luck with the on-going work transition and the move.

Bonnie Brown said...

It was great seeing you again! Great stash :)

Dani - tkdchick said...

It was a great weekend!