Friday, August 03, 2018

August Goals

Hot and busy: that is the best way to sum up life the last few weeks.  Wednesday there was  a tornado warning - not normal for Canada's capital.

July Goals

Stitch an ornament Yes
Finish Barnabee I pack him to move stuff - he is still MIA
Finish wedding piece  Needs names and framing
Work on Tour No
Work on SP Yes
Work on Canada Sampler No
Ink Circles Monday No

I did start a mystery project, it is about half done.  The genealogy book is also complete; it took much longer than I had thought.

August Goals

Stitch an ornament
Finish mystery project
Work on Blackstone Fantasy Garden
Work on SP

Stash zone - hopefully finish

Also this month: my ten year anniversary gerber daisy turns ten!  And it is still alive 

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