Monday, August 07, 2017

Nothing in my eye

Good news - the gas bubble is now gone from my eye!  Late last month the gas bubble disappeared from my eye which means that I can see again.  I still have at least one more appointment with the specialist but things are healing as they should.

I have managed to get some stitching done :)

I finished Island Geese

Island Geese
X's and Oh's
28 count Babbling Brook Jobelean 
DMC threads

And I have worked some more on Cougar Kitten by The Stitching Studio

And I got out Canada Sampler

Unfortunately I have had to frog a bit of Bees Knees.  I was out by a stitch.  Ugh.  This is at about the half way point.

I have been considering my stitching project options now that I am I back to it... I have been playing with the idea of a 3 day rotation of two projects for the month with the addition of Ink Circles Monday.  Still working on that as an idea because while I like the idea I am unsure if only two/three projects is going to work - mostly because it leaves so many in the pile not being touched.

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Lianne said...

So happy to hear that your eye is healing and you are back to stitching. Hope to see you soon!