Sunday, June 18, 2017

Needle in my eye

It has been ages since I have blogged, partly due to lack of stitching and partly due to non-stitching events.

First, a little stitching progress:

Bees Knees

And I started Island Geese by X's and Oh's.  It is almost at the half way point now.

And the non-stitching:

At the beginning of May I had an ergonomic assessment scheduled at work; part of this includes when your last eye exam was... and I realized that it had been more then two years and I should go and have them checked.  

Did the exam and ordered new glasses.   As part of the exam, what appeared to be scarring was observed on my right eye so I was referred to a retina specialist just to see what was going on.  I had an appointment for that at the end of May.  

As it happened, the retina in my right eye was starting to detach. In order to have it fixed I needed to have gas injected into the eye and a laser treatment.  I had the gas injected on the 7th and then had to spend two days on my left side to settle the resulting bubble in the correct spot. Then on the 12th I returned for the laser treatment.  I still have the bubble and restrictions on how I can sleep.  

As of right now, I have a black spot on the bottom of my eye that makes seeing challenging.  I can't really stitch for any length of time and I discovered the overhead lights at work are irritating.  The bubble is expected to remain for a few weeks and I have a follow-up appointment in a few weeks to make sure everything has healed well.

Needless to say the "eye drama" has had a negative impact on the amount of stitching and other things but it was caught early and before surgery was necessary.  I also now know what it is like to have a needle stuck in your eye (not pleasant).


Cath said...

Lovely stitching. I hope your eye problems are soon sorted .
Take care .x

Justine said...

So sorry to read about your eye problems. Hopefully your sight will be fully restored soon and you can continue with your gorgeous projects.