Saturday, January 02, 2016

January Goals and Such

As it is the start of another month it is time to think about stitching goals.

December Goals

Finish items (Christmas presents) Yes, mostly because I got Dani to help
Stitch an ornament Yes
Kit Spring Quakers Yes, in time for start

January Goals

  • Stitch an ornament (Bonnie has suggested one of the Just Nan 12 Days of Christmas that I started last year as a crazy start)
  • Start Spring Quakers
  • Work on Serenity Prayer

I have been thinking that I want to make a plan for the first part of year for projects.  I found that having a focus has helped - mostly because then I don't sit here thinking "Self, what should I work on?"

January - March Projects

  • Serenity Prayer (I would like to finish)
  • Fortunate traveller
  • Plum pudding
  • Ornaments (including Just Nan limited edition critters)

That'll keep me busy ;)

As part of Operation: Purge Living Room I rearranged things only to discover that I didn't take into account a drink spot next to my stitching chair.  So - a small set of Ikea Kallax shelves and I now have a drink spot and a spot for my WIPs next to the stitching chair (still a work in progress - as is Operation: Purge Living Room).

So far it's awesome


catherine's crafting corner said...

Sounds like you have a good plan worked out there for your stitching. Yes a cup shelf sounds like something we all need to have besides us !
x catherine

Sylvia said...

Looks like a fun stitching plan and I look forward to seeing your completed stitching corner.