Thursday, June 05, 2014


Long time, no blog.  Things have been busy.

Last month I co-hosted my cousin's bridal shower so there a million and one things to do for that.  Work was crazy with a last minute rush job, there's still a bit to do for clean up from that but not as rushed.
I had to go dress shopping for something to wear to cousin's upcoming wedding; I did find something but as most of you know I hate clothes shopping.

I also did some stitching.

I'm behind a TUSAL post - I couldn't think of an idea so I'm reusing the dragon wine glass.

And I have two smalls. April and May.  I put them together into a little pillow.

Red letters - Rosewood Manor
Internet Freebie
And I stitched Dragon Dreams' Fantasy Wedding Blessing.  It's finished and at the framer's but I forgot to take a picture so all I have is this horrible in progress picture I took with my phone.  I will have to do a proper happy dance post once it's all framed.

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Blu said...

The pillow is very cute and I bet Fantasy Wedding is going to look fantastic framed up.