Thursday, August 15, 2013

Taming the Stash Monster: DIY Boards

As part of the saga of taming the stash monster I decided to add some display/note aid boards to the mix.


Super easy to make, all that is needed is:
- one 8x10" picture frame
- one 8x10" sheet of self-adhesive chalkboard paper
(and chalk of course)

Take apart the picture frame, attach the chalkboard, re-assemble, and hang/put out like a normal picture frame

Bulletin Board:

I made mine out of regular foam core, some cork tile, a Dollar Store table cloth and some ribbon
Attach cork to foam core, cover with table cloth (or fabric), cross ribbon on front, and hang

I have hung mine with some left over finishing nails

Hanging Board:

Really, I'm not sure what to call this.  I had been thinking about putting together a pegboard but when I was looking for an inexpensive frame I saw some painter's wood canvas.  I decided to try one of those instead.  The one I picked up is 16x20".

I put on a couple coats of paint, some gloss varnish, and added a few hooks.....

Stay tuned to see what it's for

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