Monday, August 12, 2013

Taming the Stash Monster: Beads

They add that pretty sparkle to your piece.  

Or if you're a two year old looking at the finished piece hanging in your room, they're stars waiting to be plucked from the sky.

 The Mill Hill collection of beads I have arranged in watchmaker's cases from Lee Valley Tools

As I was putting them all in their new 33 mm homes, I wrote the bead number on the top and labeled the container, then put all the containers in number order.

I decided as I was doing this to leave empty containers where the numbers I didn't have would go.  I thought it would be easier than to add and re-arrange containers as time goes on and I (maybe) fill in the missing ones.  

The cases are labeled with the numbers.  Like the DMC boxes there are labels on the top and both sides.

All the Mill Hill, lots of room to add

I found some spice jars for my mixed regular beads... added bonus they look pretty. 

I also found this cute stackable screw jars that I have stored charms in.

For the beads I have for scissor fobs etc., I have them in this little box

Finally, here is the bead section all done

The scrapbook case on the bottom holds tools, my tacky bob, nymo thread and other beading supplies.
Let's hope nothing falls on the floor


Blu said...

Oooh I love seeing the way people organize their stash. Very clever use of the watchmaker cases; mine are still in their original packages but strung together on a ribbon so they're all in one place. I like your method so much better lol

Melissa said...

Now if only I was organized as you! haha