Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Taming the Stash Monster - DIY

As part of the great stash clean up, I decided it would be a good idea to do some up-keep on the shelves that dad and I made a few years ago.

They still had their MDF factory finish and due to age and weight were starting to sag.  I thought a nice coat of white paint would be a good place to start.

I also added nails to the backing board, and then a dad-crafted fix for the shelves: adding some shelf brackets.  There was some major creaking when they were added. 

I finished them off with a couple of coats of gloss varnish.  They look pretty good now. 

This process took much longer than I thought it would, mostly because they needed several coats of paint and varnish.  Given the hot, humid weather we had earlier this month it took longer drying and for me to actually feel like doing work for any length of time.

Also on the DIY front, I thought I would try out a neat idea I found on-line while surfing the net. 

I give you the picture frame pin cushion.... how lucky I was to have a blue dragon fabric :)

Instructions on how to make one can be found here

And also this month that I forgot to share a stash related story:

At work, we have two summer students (both our students are named Tara - what are the odds?).  One of the Tara's had learned to stitched and was motivated to do a piece when she saw the pieces I was working on/have in my office.  So I sent her a link to a few on-line stores to find something she liked.

She sent me a link.

I started laughing and had her come to my office.... and asked if she would like to start right away.....

Yes - that's right she picked something I had in my stash.  I came home and pulled the DMC, fabric and thread so she could get started while waiting for her order to arrive.  She has promised to send a finished picture which I will share.


Stash.... sometimes it's about sharing :)


Anonymous said...

I'm impressed. You are very handy with the tools. Love your shelves! That pin cushion frame is neat too. I'll have to check that out. And I'm so glad you had the pattern to share. I'm really anxious for Labor Day to get here so I can start my own organization project. You really are inspiring me!

Rebecca (AKA - Rebel In Ontario) said...

Look at you, getting all domestic on us! The shelves look great!

Lynn said...

Great work on the shelves! You're much more motivated than I am, heat and all.
Too funny how your co-worker picked out something you had already. I mean, what are the chances? It was really nice of you to share with her like that.