Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sneak Peak

I’ve been thinking about projects for next year, which is fast approaching.

Earlier this year, Dani and I were discussing what projects we were working on, what we have been thinking about, and what, if anything, has been missing in our rotations.

We both discovered that we missed having a Teresa Wentzler on the go.  TW was my first project, though on aida (what was I thinking?) and I have done several since.

Once we decided that we wanted to do one, we decided we should do it as a SAL and started throwing out ideas of which one to do.  I seem to remember we decided on a dragon fairly early in the talks. We kept coming back to one:

Fortunate Traveler:

I have everything gathered:

A couple of people have decided to join us (Hi Bonnie and Beatrice)

This leads back to yesterday’s post on dragon names…. This one is going to need one too.  Any suggestions?

Watch May 1 for the start.


Bonnie Brown said...

Can't wait!!

Lynn said...

Great choice!