Tuesday, November 20, 2012

All in a name

Let us take a trip down memory lane and consider some of the wonderful dragons that have been created by needle and thread:

Spike (Teresa Wentzler's freebie Stretch)

McTavish (Teresa Wentzler's Above the Clouds)

Pickles (Teresa Wentzler's The Castle) - named after my uncle's childhood nickname, this was stitched for him

Catherwood (Teresa Wentzler's Guardian) - named after my great-grandfather's brother who I found in the 1901 census, when I started working on this

Gherkin (TW's The Castle on 32ct.) - Gherkin-Pickles... TW thought it was funny ;)

Poke (Dragon Dreams' Moonlight Guardian) - named Poke because I'm a Slowpoke when doing SALs

Olive - I promise there is a dragon here... someday

So, you're probably wondering why all the dragons... you'll find out... wait for it.... tomorrow

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Bonnie Brown said...

Love the names :)