Sunday, January 16, 2011


I got some pretties in the mail this week... After looking at my poor scissor collection my awesome new flower frog I realized it was lacking... so I decided some designer Ginghers were necessary... I ordered a pair of Sonia and Ella and they arrived this week.

I'll make some scissor fobs in a bit.

Friday night I saw Bonnie, her DH and his cousin for dinner.  She delivered this awesome project envelop from Beatrice

How cool that it's one of my favorite things and in my favorite colour.  Most cool.  I have a project in mind for it.

Kathy was asking about PL progress and here it is...

Not much to show on CdC this week. I spent the day yesterday at a work related workshop and then had dinner with my boss and visited with the baby.  So no stitching yesterday. 

Here's hoping that this week is a little less crazy.... and we don't get all the snow they're calling for.


Kathy A. said...

Pretty pretty new scissors. Yes the frog needs company. I don't see many new stitches in PL there girl - get to work!
Lovely project bag from Beatrice

Lynn said...

Is Kathy riding your case,lol? I think PL looks great!
Love your new scissors. I have a pair of the Sonia ones too. Where do you order yours from?
That's a beautiful bag that Beatrice made you. Love the blues in it.

Bonnie Brown said...

Scissors and PL look great. My CdC didnt get much love this week either.

Beatrice said...

I'm so glad you like your project envelope, can't wait to see what your new start will be for it.

I love the scissors!

PL is lookin' gooood. You go girl!