Sunday, December 05, 2010

Here a bead there a bead

I hereby declare victory over beading of the baby thing. Not only is it beaded it's nicely in it's frame and ready to be taken over to baby.

I was going to go yesterday but people there were sick so we decided to re-schedule. I'll post a picture of it once it's in her room. Hopefully the visit will happen before next year.

Mom was here last weekend for her yearly girl's weekend. We had to push it back due to a family wedding and my nephew's Christmas. It worked out to be her birthday weekend. I took her to see the latest Harry Potter on IMAX and out to a super nice dinner. Then for brunch the next day. We had a nice visit and she went home loaded down with Christmas stuff.

Once I finished the baby thing I pulled out Earthdancer. It's the only other piece I'm doing that has a deadline.

Think I'll do the Christmas cards later and work on her some more....

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