Saturday, June 19, 2010

Holes 3 Wardrobe 0

So it's been busy the last little while.

My cousin got married, the weather behaving its self and not raining. My batteries decided to die in the middle of everything so I didn't get many pictures.

This is one of the bridal party just after the ceremony before the official photos were taken:

This is the couple I did the "wedding thing" for, I haven't heard yet what they thought.

Two more cousins are getting married within the next year. One has asked for Bent Creek's Wedding Row and the other - well no word yet if anything will be stitched for her.

Oh - and the dress. This was also the wedding that lead to all the dress shopping drama. It was a good choice, and the red hair was a hit. Sorry no pic of me dressed up - totally forgot. Might get inspired later this summer and dress up again and have Dani take a pic.

I've been working on the baby thing. I decided to do the face and hand over one. It looks awesome but was a bit challenging to do on the black. Just a little more on the moon and blanket, then adding the beads. Sorry the colours aren't the best - black at night and I don't seem to get along.

The wardrobe story?

So I was going about my day when I noticed that my jeans had a big hole. I was at home thankfully. They aren't savable, in fact I was going to have replace them anyways.
Then at work on Friday I was moving books from my office to shelving when I poked a hole in my shirt with the spine of one of them(plastic). Ack. Now it's not a huge hole in the stomach, in fact you have to know to look for it but the shirt is pretty much done. Luckily I need a shirt to paint in next week so it will work for that.
And finally: my dressy everyday sandals. The sole is gone. Big crack. I was wondering why my left foot was starting to hurt. I replaced those today. I'll wait and do the dreaded jeans shopping some other time.


Anonymous said...

A new wardrobe! Just what every girl needs once in a while. I need new jeans too as I have a 'nearly hole'. One more wear I think ...

Your baby thing is cute. Very hard work stitching over one on black! Hope you hear from the happy couple about their gift soon.

Lynn said...

I'm disappointed! I was looking forward to seeing you all gussied up. You'll just have to model for us at the next SAL!
Your baby piece looks cute. You're brave doing it on black.
Good luck finding some jeans. I detest shopping for them myself.