Sunday, May 30, 2010

Can I have a do over?

Really this past week mostly sucked. Monday was nice, being off and being lazy. Then Tuesday I got sick. It was not pretty. Upset stomach, headache. I really didn't feel like myself until like Friday. Blah - let's not repeat that anytime soon.

So I did stitch on PL - unfortunately this included some unstitching so there's not a lot of progress. BOO.

Yesterday I decided to be even lazier and went to the movies. First I went to see Prince of Persia : sands of time. I liked it for what it was - a mindless action flick. I think it'll be a good stitching movie.

Then I went to see Iron Man 2 - right after. I had like 10 minutes in between. So - I think it stands up to the first one - if you liked it you'll like this one. Also hello set up for the new Avengers movie that's in the works.

I did find something to wear to the wedding. I picked a pair of red sandals to wear with it and I think I might dig out the really cool Chinese dragon purse Dani got me for my birthday a couple of years ago -- it's black with red dragons.

Now off to stitch - or eat I'm not sure which...


Little Cat said...

You've chosen a pretty dress. Red shoes will look lovely with it.

Lynn said...

Nice dress Christin! I have a funny feeling I tried that one on this past weekend. I tried on so many before I found one too.
Sorry you were feeling so lousy last week. Hope things are better now.

Beatrice said...

I love the dress...Red with it will be wonderful!!!
Hope you are feeling better.
Kathy and I are going to see the "Prince" tonight.

Rachel said...

Where did you get the dress?