Monday, August 03, 2009

Enough with the rain

Ah, a long weekend. Sweet.

For a lot of people in Ontario it was an automatic long weekend but I had to cheat and use an annual leave day. It was nice to sleep in, and it will be nice to only have to work four days this week. We actually have new staff joining us so it will be busy getting them settled in.

Most of you will remember this... That's right Earthdancer.

Everyone had a good look? Well, that will be the last time you'll see it. I decided, with a little help, that the fabric just wasn't going to work and it needed to be stopped.

So, new fabric was chosen. 28 ct. dove gray.

I've restarted it, and am enjoying it so much more, despite the fact today I had to do some reverse stitching. Here she is, restarted....

Tomorrow night I'm headed off to the gym. I'm still working on a plan for that. So many ideas.

I also have to start thinking about my parents wedding anniversary. It's not until December but this year is number 40 and I have to decide what if anything I'm going to do that's "extra special". Why did they have to get married the week before Christmas again?

Off to get some more stitching done before bed.


Beatrice said...

I love the new colour ...good choice!

Cindy F. said...

I thought you were about to say you were throwing it out and my heart sank! But I truly have to admit, I LOVE your new fabric choice!! The colors are showing up beautifully!
Great decision!!

Wendy said...

these colors are really lovely !
but I thought arth Dancer was by Butternut Road, not Lavender and Lace ?