Wednesday, July 04, 2007


First, Happy Independence Day to those in the USA.

This is Guardian aka Catherwood night. I've been bad and kept working on dragon instead of grass/sky/rock.

And I seem to remember that I was going to start backstitching -- that didn't happen either. Opps. I was having too much fun adding. Will have to try and work on that.

Today at work I managed to score a major victory. Our reference librarian is away on holiday so we're trying to do things she doesn't want done while she's gone. Today I got authorization from my boss to remove a title that takes up 99 boxes -- which means I don't have to move them. Woohoo. There was a mini happy dance at work today. I wonder what else I can get done by Monday?


tkdchick said...

Wow Catherwood is really filling in nicely!!!

AnnMcD said...

You really are making progress on that dragon... Looking forward to your visit in a couple of weeks. He'll really move after that 'cause I'll make you work on him!

Beatrice said...

The dragon is coming along wonderfully!!!I'm not going to brow beat you but it will be fun having you here in a few weeks. And no doubt we'll both encourage you to stitch on it. The only way you will get away with it[not stitching] is to not bring it.LOL.