Monday, February 12, 2018

Five short years later

Before going to post this I decided to check the blog to see when the last time I had worked on this project.. and it was February 2013.  Glup

This weekend I finally got out Tour des Marques to work on. I had pulled out the fabric and chart late last year, but hadn't managed to get myself organized until now.  It has been so long since I worked on it I am not sure where the threads are... luckily I had full sets of DMC and Anchor and have been working out of the boxes.

Saturday morning... before

Sunday night

It seems like so little progress - I am trying to remember that it always looks small when stitching over one... and also- it's a lot more than I have done in the last five years.

If things go to plan this will be worked on again later this month.

1 comment:

Bonnie Brown said...

That's actually pretty good progress for over one!
Glad to see it come out for some attention