Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Action packed

It has been a busy month.. and a bit.

On the 9th I went to see my parents, during this visit we planned a day trip.  My aunt joined us as we went on the 1000 Island Cruises Lost ships of the 1000 Islands cruise.  It was a little cool and windy for the first part of the trip but was bright and sunny by the time we got back.  This cruise does not include a stop at the restored Boldt Castle but it did go around it.  It was very pretty but I am not sure of the practicality of living in a castle in the middle of a river.

After the cruise we enjoyed a lovely bbq and visit.  And the next day I returned home.

I had a fairly quiet weekend the next week.  A friend and I went to see Wind River and to lunch.  The movie was excellent though the subject matter is not for everyone. 

On the 20th I took the train from Ottawa to Toronto where for the first time I went to Union Station before getting on the GO train and heading to Burlington.  Why would I go there you might ask?  I had a work meeting the next day but had a lovely dinner and walk along the pier.  After my meeting I got back on the GO and headed off to Oshawa to meet Bonnie.  We spent a few days in Toronto going to the Royal Ontario Museum and doing some shopping.  On Saturday morning we went to Gitta’s where we met friends for stash shopping and lunch. 

It was a packed few days, the weather was hot and not at all normal for the time of year.  Still we had a great time and managed to do almost everything on our list.

I headed home on Sunday very tired.

The last weekend of September was the Cataraqui Embroidery Guild Marketplace and Show in Kingston.  Dani and I headed down for the day and had lovely afternoon/evening visit with local stitching friends before we headed back home.

This past weekend was Thanksgiving (Canadian) and once again I travelled to see my parents.  On Saturday my aunt joined us for dinner and then I made her help identify some old photos.  We seem to have a lot with no names or the “grandma and I”. …. Not helpful!  They will be labeled shortly and I have scanned them as well.

We went to see another aunt for a large meal on Sunday before I was back home on Monday morning.

So much travelling and many things going on! This is not normal for me and I am ready for a few weekends at home.

I have managed to do a little stitching and have been trying to make progress on the stash zone:

Added some drawers to the stash zone

Touching the Autumn Sky

Started the second page on Cougar kitten

Blackstone Fantasy Garden

Second round of Serenity prayer

Merry Ho Ho Lizzie Kate

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