Wednesday, September 06, 2017

You have to start somewhere

In the last month or so several stitching friends and I have been discussing our stashes and how it is all stored.  Most of us are lucky and have a spot for our stitching supplies but keeping things neat, organized and inventoried.  

I made up a list of questions for a friend as a starting point for us to make a plan for her new space and thought I would share it (also have it accessible later instead of "somewhere" in the email folder.  There are more things to consider but this is a good place to start when either setting up a spot or making changes to an existing space.


1. Is there a spot that can be taken over just for the stash?

1a. How big is it?

1b.Is it open to other parts of the house?

1c. Do you want things to be hidden/covered if it is? Or  mix?

2. Is there a theme or colour scheme?

3. What furniture pieces are available?  Are they going to be purchased or taken from other parts of the house?

4. Do you want to have display for finished pieces such as tree or hanging frame?

5. Do you/will you be putting away things as they are acquired/used or should there be a place set up to hold things?

6. Is everything in one spot right now?  Going forward do you want everything in one spot or are you to use several?

7. Are WIPs going to be in their own spot in the stash area or by your stitching spot?

8. Is the space going to be just for your cross stitching or other hobbies?

9. Are you going to purge while setting things up or keeping everything?

10. How are you storing the following and are you happy with it?

10a. Charts
10b. Kits
10c. Magazines
10d. DMC – Regular
10e. DMC – Other
10f. Threads – Skeins
10g. Threads - Spools
10h. Fabric
10i. Beads
10j. UFOs/Pre-Kitted Projects
10k. Finished Unfinished pieces
10l. Finishing materials
10m. Stitching aids like hoops, frames, scissors, needles, highlighters etc.

Most of these questions look pretty easy to answer but can actually be challenging.  Then there is the hard part: setting things up.

I have added some more drawers in my cubes in the stash zone so have been tweaking things a bit. I hope to be done soon and will post an update.

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