Monday, November 07, 2016

Better late then never

The best laid plans never seem to work. 

I have had blog on my to do list but I never seem to manage to fit it in. Things have been busy the last few weeks and the rest of this month is busy at work as we move to a new software system.

This past weekend was wonderful and relaxing as I went to Retreat. 16 other great ladies and three days of stitching. 

And a lot of food. 
And laughing. 
It was a blast.

I didn't set stitching goals in October. Right now I can't remember why - oops. If you don't set them that means you succeeded right?

November Goals

Work on Fortunate Traveller - I want to have this all finished this year

Work on Touching the autumn sky

Work on blanket that I started to crochet


Touching the autumn sky

Fortunate traveller

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