Tuesday, March 15, 2016

About Serenity Prayer

 I received a request for some details about Serenity Prayer and thought a update post and details would be fitting.

First: progress.  I had a big attack of the frogs that totally derailed the stitching.  But the frog got sent down to the river and things are moving forward. I am at about the halfway point of the bottom border.


Hi! I was looking for a Serenity Prayer pattern with a more manly touch to it for my Husband's office and ran across this one and then ran into your blog. Can you tell me how difficult this pattern is? Ive never worked on linen before or anything remotely this small of stitches. wondering if i should attempt this or not. also when you bought it was it a kit with everything included or just the pattern? I found a place to buy it for $18 but it doesnt say if anything is included. Thanks for any info you can pass my way!!

Serenity Prayer is 253 stitches wide and 391 stitches high.  It is actually supposed to be done in two colours; I chose to do one because of the person that is receiving it.  The model used 14 skeins of the main NPI colour; I think I am on skein 7 of DMC.

I also decided to stitch it on 32 count fabric, making it 22 inches by 34 inches with 3 inches for finishing. As the pattern uses just full stitches, either 25 count or aida could be used; or go bigger!

The pattern isn't difficult but rather it is big.  Each word/line can be considered a mini-happy dance as well.  I would  consider it to be like working on a sampler, and be prepared that it is not going to be a quick stitch.

I bought the pattern several years ago and don't remember who much it was.  It is just the pattern, although I know several online stores that will do an auto-kit of the model/suggested thread and fabric.  I would consider the person it is being stitched for an personalize it with their favorite colour for the thread.

Hope this helps :) 

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