Sunday, November 01, 2015

November Goals

The time has changed: I'm not sure why we do this to ourselves moving the clocks twice a year but this morning at 2 am they went back by an hour.  Yay for electronics that change themselves.

This weekend I have been poking away at my to do list, it's been very slow.  I did manage to get the ornament finished that I need for the weekend.

Seeing it's the first of the month important things need to be done like: pay the rent, get my poppy and figure out stitching goals.

October Goals
Stitch an ornament No
Stitch Cardinal blessings   Yes
Work on finishing Yes

November Goals

Sort out projects, stitching bag and basket (cause it's a mess)

Stitch an ornament

Work on finishing (deliver Cardinal blessings)


Melinda said...

Love your Cardinal Blessing. It is one of my favorites, And Congrats on your finish.
Thanks for the reminder for goal settings. And I do wish they would leave the clocks alone.

Sylvia said...

At least you keep your goals reasonable and attainable. Have a great month.