Monday, August 10, 2015

Death & Glory

Welcome to a kitchen sink post.

The last week or so has been busy.  At work last week I was the only one in; everyone else was off enjoying hard earned holiday.  Holidays mean that for about three weeks I have some additional areas to cover so crazy busy.

I did sneak a day off on Friday and Dani and I went to the Canadian War Museum to see Death & Glory, an exhibit on Gladiators and the Colosseum.  I had not been to the museum yet so we have a tour of the other exhibits as well.  Once we were done there we went for pedicures - a first for me.  Yes, I know- sad.

Saturday was a lovely day. I meet with friends for a late breakfast then Dani, Bonnie and I spent the day visiting and stitching.  A great way to spend my birthday.


July Goals
Finish remaining Jingles YES!! Stitch an ornament Do the Jingle count? Work on stash zone Yes- though still much to do Figure out projects I thought about --decisions not so much

August Goal

Stitch an ornament
Work on Fortunate traveller
Work on stash zone

I managed to fit in some stitching

Gingerbread jingle mouse
Just Nan
32 ct. natural linen

Yes - you read that correctly -- I stitched on linen.  I might still be in shock.

And I have added to the green in FT's border.

Last time


I also did some on Serenity Prayer but not enough to share.

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