Saturday, November 01, 2014

November Goals

As crazy as it seems, here it is: the 1st of November.  

This morning I went and had brunch with Dani and a friend from work who is now retired.  It was a great start to the weekend and I even managed to pick up a Christmas present.  

Time changes tonight; we're falling back -  woohoo more sleep

October Goals
Finish Owl birth sampler Yes but I still need to wash it Stitch an ornament Yes- I finished three and started the finish-finishing; and totally forgot to blog Small SAL on Wednesday Start Mother's bliss Decided not to; not sure if it's the piece I want to do Decide on blogging every day in November I've decided

November Goals

Stitch and Finish-Finish Retreat Ornament
Stitch Aunt Sue's ornament
Stitch exchange ornament
Finish a Jingles Crazy Start 

I've decided NOT to try and do a blog post a day.  This month is looking like it will be very busy and stressful and I decided not to add to it.  However, I did sit down and made a list of the things I haven't blogged about and was going to: I will try and get those "catch-up" posts done.   


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Pull the other thread said...

Best of luck with your goals for the month