Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Kitchen Sink

I've been meaning to do a couple posts in the last week or so but got side-tracked with finishing Cirque.

Hopefully this won't be too boring.  Oh, who am I kidding it will be!

There was no TUSAL post in July.  Why you may ask?  Funny story:

Picture it:

Stitching chair, chair-side table, ORT glass, open bottle of diet coke.....

If you're thinking to yourself Christin dumped the bottle of coke all over the place, you'd be right!  

All over the table, on the carpet, in the WIP basket.... it was a mess!

Out of this disaster is the good news that the only causalities were some working copies and the July ORTS.  Given the fact the basket is full of projects, I'll take it.  

I have moved the basket to the other side of the chair away from the line of fire.

At the end of July I went to see the parents and attended our yearly family reunion.  While I was there I needed some cord to finish the owls and popped into Fabricland.  Of course I couldn't just get little cord:

Also a couple weeks ago, Dani and I were at the local mall poking into stores for no reason when Dani spotted this:

The scissor frog I got a couple years ago fits!  Who needs an ice cream bowl when they can have scissors?

This past weekend was my birthday.  Here is my baby photo from 40 years ago:  

My friend tells me I look like I was plotting....  dad agrees

I have a little stitching to share.  I got out Fortunate traveler and worked on the leaves a bit.  Still way behind on this.

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Pull the other thread said...

Great work. Lucky escape with the coke. Lots of great stash you got, love the scissors frog such a clever idea. My OH always says one of the big advantages of living with a crafter is there are always scissors around when needed.