Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Family Wedding

This post is mostly non-stitchy although I am putting the framed pictures of Corn Mill and Fantasy Wedding Blessing (Dragon Dreams) in.

This past weekend was my cousin's wedding,I took care of her when she was a baby and she more like my neice.

I went home a few days before to help with last minute prep and running around.  Good thing that I did because there was lots to do.

I made the rehearsal bouquet with ribbon from the bridal shower I co-hosted in May.  Of course I realized when I was almost done the purple ones I should have used the sewing machine instead of doing them by hand. 

Rehearsal bouquet

Helped with the centre pieces

 The bride's brother took this for me while the professional took the real thing. Yes,I love the bride enough to actually have my picture taken ;)

The bride, my parents and I

The happy couple

Something old- our grandmother's locket with our grandparents wedding pictures

Fantasy Wedding Blessing framed

Corn Mill framed
Closed up of Corn Mill's frame

 Saturday was a beautiful day and both the bride and groom left on their honeymoon very happy.

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