Friday, November 15, 2013

Adriana Valks

This past Sunday my group of stitching friends was reduced by one; the passing of a titan.

Adriana passed away at the age of 97.  

I met Adriana via Kathy and Beatrice (her daughter) about 8 or 9 years ago.  

She was an amazing person, who reminded me what grace is and what being a "lady" was. I will miss her quiet strength and determination.  That she refused to let her age deter her from her passion of life or stitching - insisting on stitching large pieces on 28 count evenweave.  Her work was gorgeous and always admired.  

l-r Judie, Dani and Adriana

Adiiana's wonderful stitching

Adriana and Beatrice

My thoughts have been with Beatrice the last while, and want to thank her for sharing the wonderful person that was her mother with the rest of us.  

Sleep well Adriana

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal

Irish saying


Anonymous said...

Adriana will be missed by al of us. A stitching legend and an elegant lady.

AnnMcD said...

We will all miss this wonderful stitcher and friend. She was one of the original Thursday stitchers. Kathy would pick her up and bring her to my place to stitch on Tuesday or Thursday stitching...I can't even remember when we met around my dining room table...along with Wendy and Carrie and Christine.
It was lovely.

Anonymous said...

Expressed beautifully for a very very special lady.

Lynn said...

What a lovely tribute to Ariana! I only had the fortune of meeting her twice. She was a lovely lady and I admired her beautiful stitching. I know she will be greatly missed.