Tuesday, October 01, 2013

October Goals

It's hard to believe that it's October already!  This year is flying by.

I have come down with a cold, nothing too bad but I have had to have a few naps that totally destroyed stitching time over the last few days.  The good news is that I'm starting to feel better.  

Before getting to this month's goals, a review of September's Goals:

  • finish Corn Mill  No - but I am almost at the bottom on the left side
  • Stitch an ornament Yup

And now for October's Goals:

- Finish Corn Mill
- Stitch something for departing co-worker
- Stitch ornament
- Do a little finishing

Better get to it  - before I want another nap ;)

1 comment:

Bonnie Brown said...

Good luck with corn mill!