Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Green Bag Wrapping Paper

My birthday is at the beginning of August and I got several lovely gifts in green bags.  Ann of Knowledge and Needles uses plain green bags - which we agree is wonderful wrapping paper.

Not all the stash I got for my birthday came in a green bag, but here it all is:

From Dani - love the t-shirt

The Michael Powell book actually isn't part of the gift - it just came in the bag - from Bonnie

Stitch starter from Bonnie close up

From Tracey

Lovelies from Kathy

From the parents

Actually, I forgot Beatrice's.  I think it's still at work.  Sorry!


Bonnie Brown said...

Wonderful gifties

Melinda said...

What wonderful gifts. Love the shirt!!!!!

Lynn said...

You got some amazing gifts Christin! Isn't it great having friends who know exactly what you like?