Sunday, August 18, 2013

Taming the Stash Monster: Stitching Fabric

Allow me to first say that I am a fabric snob.  It's true and I admit it, working on evenweave makes me happy so that's what I do.  

That being said, the only fabric I have to worry about sorting and storing fabric by type.

All the fabric has been sorted by size, ignoring type.  And all the colours are mixed together.  I tend to just go through the choices when I'm looking for something for a project.

25 count and 32 count are in these nice lined baskets that my mom got me a few years ago.  I took a picture of some of the fabrics and added the fabric out to it before printing and attaching to the outside with some ribbon.  This way I don't have to remember which is which.

The 28 count is in the big basket stand mom and I found at Costco and has been the home for my fabric for many years.  All my hand-dyed Joblean is in the bottom basket and most of my neutrals and in the middle.  I didn't try for it to work that way but some how it did.

For those small cuts that will be useful for things like ornaments,  I picked a deep scrapbook case from them to be stored in 


Melissa said...

I'm a little of a fabric snob now too. And I can totally relate to the feeling working on evenweave. I love it :)

Thanks for sharing!!!

Bonnie Brown said...

Great idea for your fabric storage!

Dani - tkdchick said...

I like the scrapbook case idea for small pieces!