Sunday, August 25, 2013

Taming the Stash Monster: Corralled

The stash monster has been corralled, for the time being at least.

There are a few tweaks to be made, but for now it is all done.

Finished space

Patterns, threads and a few special pieces.
 The large bag on the top shelf has finishing materials.  Glue, cutters, pins, measuring tape etc.  The small pots have chalk and pins for the bulletin board... I actually found cute pins at the Dollar Store with emi-con faces...

The middle has beads, kits and magazine.  On the top my travel ott light and two tier basket for small finishes and small kits

The left side has ribbons, fabric, finishing fabric and Just Cross Stitch magazines
 I have add a tie cord to hold up the cutting mat etc. against the wall for when the ironing board isn't there. 

28 count fabric and bulletin board
Please let me know if I've missed something or you want more details. 

I'll put a reminder in my calendar to do a space update in a few months so you can see what it's like after being "lived in" for awhile.

Thanks for being a part of Taming the Stash Monster.

Shadow: still not impressed (bags are more fun)


Melinda said...

Looks wonderful - You worked so hard!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Looks amazing!