Sunday, June 02, 2013

June Goals

Here we are at the start of another month, the midway point of the year.  This year certainly has been flying by, I can't seem to keep caught up.  

But summer is starting and hopefully this means a bit of a slow down.  (I can dream right?)

May Goals
- start Fortunate traveler  Yes with an unfortunate case of the frogs
- work on Corn Mill Yes - finish left side of CdC Yes - stitch ornament Yes - I'm counting the bookmark!!

 Which brings us to:

June Goals 

  • make progress on Corn Mill
  • work on Fortunate traveler
  • work on stash organization
  • stitch ornament 


Vicki said...

I'm impressed that you make goals each month. I haven't tried to be quite that organized yet. I do the Crazy January Challenge starts each year and try to complete as many of them as possible. Other than that, I just stitch projects as needed or that I really want to do. Maybe I'll try the monthly goal method next year... I think I might like it!

Bonnie Brown said...

LOL Love how you have stash organization in there!

Frogs suck! Hopefully they will leave you alone now

Dani - tkdchick said...

I look forward to seeing what you get done this month!