Wednesday, January 02, 2013

January Goals

It's freaking cold out.  Yes, I know it's winter but it's like Mother Nature looked at the calendar, saw it was January and dropped the temperature fifteen degrees.  Brr

Enough about that - how about some happy stitchy stuff instead?

December Goals - How I didn't do:

  • Finish winter Yes
  • Stitch something for mom (no idea what)Yes, two things
  • Do ornament finishing Yes, just
  • Work on Olive A little
  • Work on Tour Nope
  • Work on Plum Pudding  Nope
  • Edited to add: finish current row of CdC Almost, have the last big circle done just a few of the small bits on the edge do 

January Goals:

  • Start Maple Leaf
  • Stitch ornament
  • Finish top row of CdC
  • Work on Olive
  • Work on Tour
  • Work on Plum Pudding


Bonnie Brown said...

Wool Hoop again for finishing winter!
Good luck with your goals.
I didn't see the other mandalas... are you going to continue? or do what Beatrice did and stick with one?

Dani - tkdchick said...

Great Goals I agree how the hell did mother nature know it was January and time to drop the temperatures!!!!