Saturday, December 01, 2012

Could Use Some Focus

It's a new month, I was kinda productive this morning.  I got my must do things done then spent this afternoon with a headache.  And maybe a slight fever - feeling a bit warm.

Seeing I set goals last month, let us review:

- stitch oh joy ornament Yup, stitched and beaded
- finish winter I am a failure
- work on Olive Yup, a little
- work on plum pudding Yup, a little

Now for December Goals:

  • Finish winter
  • Stitch something for mom (no idea what)
  • Do ornament finishing
  • Work on Olive
  • Work on Tour
  • Work on Plum Pudding 
  • Edited to add: finish current row of CdC
I'm going to go stitch while everyone has a good laugh at those

1 comment:

Melinda said...

I set new goals for December too - two of them left from November. Wishing you much luck with yours