Monday, November 26, 2012


This morning I was dozing at about three waiting for the alarm to go off when I thought I heard the snow plow.  Then again.  Actually cracked the eyes open - gee it's looks light out.  When I went out - yup lots of white stuff.  I'm not ready for snow!  Or winter.  Can we have summer again?

Today I am boring you with another blogger question:

Do you mark or hi-lite your patterns or can you follow them without any markings? Do you make copies to mark up, or do you mark originals?

I hi-lite my patterns.  And fold the sheets and generally destroy the paper.  It's kinda not pretty. 

I'm sure you can guess that I make a working copy as per copyright rules and I finish destroying it when I'm done (no comments about how long it takes me to finish stuff).

Now I'm going to find something to stitch and watch the 1940 version of Pride and Prejudice staring Laurence Olivier and Greer Garson.  

"What are men to rocks and mountains?"
Jane Austen


Cath said...

I make working copies and highlight if it's a big chart . The smaller stuff I can generally just do without .

Claire said...

I use the original chat and highlight as I go.