Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Cat Days Of Summer

My apologies to those that read this blog.  I have been a bad blogger and I hang my head in shame.

It has been a very hot and dry summer so far, the apartment is hot - the cat has been hiding in the bathroom and refuses to even come to bed with me.  We are in desperate need of rain but the forecast is calling for more hot and dry.  At this point I'd be happy for fall weather.

At the beginning of July, the National Arts Centre presented The Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring with choir and orchestra.
Bonnie, her other half Blair, Dani and I went to see it.  While the movie was playing they played every bit of music as we watched, down to the score during the credits!  It was so impressive.  Fingers crossed they'll eventually do The Two Towers and Return of the King!

Yes, my precious.

Also July brings Bluesfest to Ottawa.  Now I'm not sure WHY they still call it Bluesfest when most of the main stage acts aren't blues.  But Dani and I went anyways.  Monday the 9th we went and saw My Darkest Days, ignored I, Mother Earth, Shinedown and Nickelback.  Yes I know lots of people hate Nickelback and I don't care. I went and had a great time despite the fact it was hot out.
Friday night we went to see Our Lady Peace.  Supper hot out. Luckily a bit of a breeze picked up.  Enjoyed that and ran before Blue Rodeo played.  Also- I must share for no reason that a guy hit on my with the opening line - "So you here to see Our Lady Peace?" Ten minutes before they were suppose to start.  Why me?

I have also been to a few movies: The Avengers (awesome loved it.  Not sure if I enjoyed Iron Man or Hawkeye more), Snow White and the Huntsman (was hoping for more) and today The Dark Knight Rises (enjoyed that, music was a little much.  Side note: Deepest sympathies to the victims of the awful shooting in Colorado)

Looking forward to Bourne Legacy in a few weeks and may try and see Total Recall.

I have managed a little stitching, not as much as I was hoping for:

Here is Olive the blob.  Am enjoying this despite it being huge and over one on 25ct.

And I finished the black on Winter and have started filling it in

I hope to pull some ornaments to start soon and work out a stitch plan for the rest of the year.

Some of you know the last year or so work has been crazy busy with a HUGE project.  I'm partly in charge of it and the work has been going well and on schedule despite changing objectives. The unfortunate side effect of this is that I'm exhausted when I get home, and don't feel like doing much.  Hoping it gets better soon, also for some vacation when it's done.

This week I'm excited for Friday night: I'm meeting up with an old high school friend for a drink and catch up - we haven't seen each other in about ten years. Now I feel old

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