Friday, September 10, 2010

Stupid Camlocks

What is a camlock you might ask...

This is a camlock

It's suppose to make furniture easier to assemble and stronger. What they are really is a pain in the ***

What was I doing with the camlocks? Putting this together:

I was tired of tripping over books by the bed and when I spotted this I thought it would be good for books and storing other things. So I put it together after beating the camlocks into submission and briefly misplacing the screws for the back (don't ask).

Shadow thought she should be able to sleep in the basket area -- didn't work out too well for her ;)

Last weekend was the Long weekend here - guess this means summer is over and what better way to spend it then with stitching friends??

Friday I went to the school to help the ladies in the office with their last minute craziness.

Then met Dani and we were off to Kathy's. Beatrice and Bonnie joined us for a few hours of stitching before we turned in. Saturday we went to Beatrice's where we were joined by Rebecca as well as several of the local ladies -- much fun, stitching and of course food... we starved can you tell??

Barb brought a couple of pieces from the framers. Aren't they fab?

I, of course, had to be a problem child :)

I pulled out PL to work on .... I had less than half a skein of floss and the extra hadn't made it into the stitching bag when I was packing. Beatrice couldn't find hers for me to borrow Saturday so I had to put it away when I ran out of floss.

I broke out Earthdancer and worked more on her face and neck. It's coming along now:

Sunday afternoon I lucked out and Kathy found me some floss for PL so it was back to it.

We had a chat about how long I've been "working" on this... Kathy thinks it's been too long - it hasn't been 10 years so not that long right?? It's only been since November '07

Also, during the long weekend excellent news: My boss delivered a healthy baby girls Saturday morning after a short labour. She's now home and doing find. Too bad she looks like her dad ;)

This week I've been puttering at a few things. Went to see my hairdresser who decided the red was an awesome idea and wants me to come back to let her play.

Mid week there was a farewell/good luck dinner for a former student who managed to find a job in another city - best of luck D

Paid a visit to the bead store and picked up some stuff to make a few fobs. Then I had to go to the Post Office -- my nephew's Christmas book arrived. We'll be doing Christmas with him in November this year.

This weekend I have to go find jeans and fall shoes. I hate shopping for both of these. Ack. Also, I'm suppose to help a friend do some painting but details haven't been figured out for that yet.

In the mean time I'm going to get the baby thing out and add the last details to it and do the finishing so it can be delivered.

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Lynn said...

You've been having more fun this week than I have, trust me.
The weekend in Brighton sounds like it was a good one. I thought of all of you as I stitched on the cottage dock.
Both of your WIP are coming along nicely.
Thanks for my chuckle of the day. I laughed so hard at your comment on the baby's resemblance!