Sunday, August 08, 2010

Let them eat cake

It's freaking August!! How did that happen? I was out and about yesterday and there's Halloween things out already. Back to school one isle - Halloween the next. Crazy

August brings a bunch of Birthdays. Yesterday was Beatrice's birthday, today is mine, Kathy's is later this week, followed shortly after by Beatrice's amazing Mom Adrianna. I say we should all have cupcakes.... I started us off and got some two bite chocolate ones while I was out today.

Right now I'm sitting here listening to it rain and remembering Mom said it was a nice sunny day when I was born. It did start out that way - now not so much.

I've been doing odds and ends the last week or so - making some changes in the craft zone of the apartment and some related projects. Once I get it mostly done I'll post some pics. If I wait to be done done pictures will never happen.

I did do a bit on Earthdancer - decided I'd try and give her a head (well some hair anyways)


Bonnie Brown said...

Hope you had a good one!

Lynn said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Christin! I know it rained but at least you weren't working! Hope you had a good day.

Beatrice said...

Happy Birthday girl hope it was wonderful...I love the cupcakes..we will enjoy a birthday get together next week!!!
Earthdancer is looking good!