Monday, January 04, 2010

Got tape?

Tonight after work I was good and hit the gym. Man, was it ever busy! Then I realized that a lot of people must have decided that they needed to work off the holiday weight.

Also today I decided that the poor pattern for Earthdancer just wasn't holding up at all and broke out the booktape.

So I flipped it over and hit every seam. Hopefully now it will make it to the end of the project.....

Speaking of Earthdancer here she is as of tonight. This section is filling in nicely. I've also managed to do in a skein of ecru and pretty much a 738 and 739 so far.

Now I shall head off to the kitchen and try to find something for lunch tomorrow. Which is probably going to be harder then it sounds.


Blu said...

Her skirt looks great!
I like making working copies of my patterns so when they get really chewed up I just shred them and make another copy while keeping my pristine and barely opened original safe. And why yes, I'm one of those who doesn't dog ear pages or crack spines on books!

Chiloe said...

Wow you already did a great job on those light colors !!!

I'm sure in one month the gym will be less busy (when the new year resolutions fade away !lol )

Wendy said...

wauw, earth dancer looks great, love the blue fabric !
can't wait to see your progress !

Beatrice said...

She is lookin' gooood.
Love the tape job. I pretty much always make working copies and mark them all up.

Kathy A. said...

Oh my - tape already. Ok, take the pattern in and photocopy it. Then, no stress.
Great progress on Earthdancer. She is beautiful