Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Rock on

Oh man where is the time going?? My poor list of things to do is now shot. There's no way that I'm getting things done so I said to myself "Shelf let's say we're not doing it all and just do the major things" and that's what I've been doing.

I feel a lot less stressed now. If something doesn't get done, opps. Bad me.

Sunday night Dani and I took time out of our Christmas crazy schedules to rock out. Three Days Grace put on an excellent show although the opening acts were a draw. Loved the first; the second Dani and I spent the entire time texting each other and wondering when it was going to be over - someone in the crowd agreed and yelled out to put the first band back on. It was an awesome time; our next concert isn't until March.

One of our students has headed back to school to finish their last semester. Before leaving each of us was presented with a print that was selected for us from Vancouver where said student is from : this is my thunderbird and killerwhale (by Joe Wilson). Totally cool and makes me want to dig out the bear cub. Also going to totally miss said student and kinda hope the stars a line that they return....

I've managed to ignore the before mentioned to do list and get a little stitching done. For some reason Earthdancer is really holding my attention so I'm working on it. Seeing it's one of the pieces that has a deadline I figure I should go for it.

And now back to the list.... or a nap not sure which ;)


Beatrice said...

Wow what a beautiful print!!! lucky you!
Earthdancer looks like it's coming along!
The heck with the list!!

Kathy A. said...

Beautiful print!
Great progress on Earthdancer there girl. Go with the feelings.