Sunday, May 10, 2009

Rack 'Em Up

Happy Mommy's Day!!

It's been cold here today - although better than the rain we had all day yesterday. I managed to get some running around done - and made sure to squeeze a call in to Mom.

Not a whole lot of stitching time this weekend. Friday night I went home with Dani, we had plans Saturday and it was just easier that way....

We did get in some stitching, I took along PL. For some reason it seems to be getting all the attention right now.

Saturday afternoon we met up with some of my co-workers and ex-co-workers for some pool and pizza. Yeah, there's a reason I haven't played in over twenty years. Here's a picture of Dani and I waiting -- sorry to disappoint Lixx by not using the picture of him with his tongue stuck out.

We had a great time, in fact I think it was worth giving up the stitching time.

Now I have to go and round up some books for the morning - and maybe a snack.

1 comment:

Beatrice said...

It looks like you girls had a great day.
You look good.
PL is getting some attention at this end too and...Yes Nordic Angel as well!
See you Sat.?????