Monday, April 27, 2009

I thought I saw a bunny

I did, I did see a bunny rabbit...

Let me see.... where was I?

There wasn't much stitching last week, I got caught up in other things including a very sore foot. I limped around until Saturday. I was not very impressed.

There was a huge wind/thunderstorm here Saturday which took out power for a little while and bunch of trees in the park next door.

PL has developed another case of the frogs. It's not even hard but I still missed a line. Again. Sigh. Anyways, all the "bad" parts are out and I've started again.

Hopefully this week is more back to normal - whatever that is....


Marj said...

HI Christin...sorry to hear about your foot and the attack of the frogs. PL is looking lovely and I am sure it will progress along nicely.

Beatrice said...

Ouch I hope your foot is better now.
Pl is looking good, sorry to hear there were frogs!
Have a look at my blog Nordic Angel has had some attention.!
Thanks to Dani for pushing me a bit.!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Keep plugging away at PL! Only you and Beatrice are left... I heard Lynn finished her CDC!

Kathy A. said...

Now, where is that bunny? Hope the foot is better soon.
PL is coming along. One stitch at a time.
I hear you are nagging Beatrice to finish Nordic Angel. Good for you. I need you or Dani to go through my stitching bag and sort me out too LOL