Sunday, March 15, 2009

New Gadget

So I went to bed last night without blogging. Opps

Here is the progress on Giggles. I also realized that I missed last week's progress as well. He's coming along, I've decided I need to put in the head -- for some reason the piece I'm working on that have people, they have no heads. And I'm not sure why??

I also started working on the wedding piece, not a lot to look at but I'll add more about it when it starts to look like something.

Today when I was shopping I picked up a new gadget. I got a new veggie steamer to try out. Can you tell I'm bored of the way I've been cooking?

Thank you all for your kind words on my weight loss, they're very much appreciated.

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Cindy F. said...

I love watching your progress on Giggles! Headless strange, but I'd have to see the whole design.
Great start on your wedding piece!

I have a rice steamer I use as a veggie steamer:) (It doesn't cook rice that well:) Mr. Right loves his steamed,,,just the ones I can melt cheese on. Like broccoli:)